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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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Pre-war photo of calvary troopers preparing a meal.

Bivouac in open country

The command post of a colonel.

Command post

Soldiers quickly putting on their gas masks. Note the man on the left carrying a flame-thrower.

Gas alarm

Military slaughter house, 1915.


Spahis rest at their billets.

Morrocan Spahis

Soldiers gather around to pick up a copy of the latest paper, 1915.

Newspaper stand

A poilu flirts with a local peasant girl. Note the rolled greatcoat on his pack.


Riflemen at rest.

Senegalese Tirailleurs

A posed photo of an ambush, 1918.

Lying in ambush

An example of typical poilu food: bread, vegetables, sausage and cheese, coffee, wine and tobacco.

Meal time

Pre-war photo of Zouave troops.

Zouaves at rest

Soldiers wait to go on duty in their camp.

Roadside camp

Engineers roll through a town with pontoons.

Pontoon bridge equipment

Two poilus huddle around a small cooking-fire.

Forest bivouac

A column makes a brief halt during a march, 1915.

A bried halt

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