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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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German soldiers rescue a fellow-sufferer from drowning in deep mud.


Soldiers coming out of Verdun, 1916. Note the soldiers carrying a German stick grenade and canteen.

Relief march

Soldiers make their way through a muddy road.

Winter march

Cooks using mules to haul bread up to the front.


A machine-gun is brought up through the communication trenches on the back of a mule.

Beasts of burden

A wine-man brings up the much-loved elixquor throught the snow, Ainse 1917.


A field kitchen in winter.


Another field kitchen in action.


Soldiers and officers sitting outside a shelter, 1915.


A soldier sleeps during a halt on the march.


Soldiers man the parapet of a recently conquered trench amid debris and a German corpse.

Conquered trench

Two men loaded down with the countless canteens of their comrades.

Wine resupply

Soldiers charge over the top as shells land around them, Verdun.

Under fire

Barracks of the 151e R.I.

Barracks of the 151e R.I.

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