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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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Artillerists struggle through the mud to haul up their gun, a 120 'long.'

Herculean task

A 75 shell and a fragment from a 155 shell smashed into the trunk of a tree.

Shell fragments

A first line trench at Auberives, (Champagne). The 151st RI would fight at Auberive in the fall 1915 Champagne offensive.

Champagne trench

A soldier takes a close look at an unexploded heavy shell in Bois d'Avaucourt, Verdun.

Shell inspection

French troops in a trench during the Champagne offensive, 1915.

Combat in Champagne

A regiment makes a brief halt while on the march.

Halt in Artois

Soldiers playing a hand of Manille in a bunker.


A march through the snow in Artois.

Snowy march

A convoy along the Voie Sacrée, 1916.

La Voie Sacrée

Soldiers cleaning their plates outside a bunker in the rear lines.

Cleaning the dishes

Two men resting in a small shelter, 1914.

Sleepy chums

Hand-pulled amublances evacuate the wounded, 1914.


French POWs in their barracks at Camp Meschede, in Westphalie, Germany, 1914.

French POWs

French POWs chained in place in their barracks at Camp Darmstadtdortoir, Germany, 1914.

French POWs

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