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These images are posted in respectfully memory to those represented.

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French POWs in their barracks at Camp Wetzlarmedecinsfranc, Germany, 1914.

French POWs

A Schneider tank at the front, 1918.


Captured German machine-guns at Chaulnes during the Somme offensive, 1916.

Prizes of War

A man stands in front of a trench shelter, 1914.

Trench shelter

A soldier stands inside a covered trench, 1915.

Covered trench

A soldier carries a drum through the muddy communication trenches at Les Éparges, 1915.

Les Éparges

Some soldiers look on as another part of the line is shelled, Les Éparges, 1915.


A group of territorials stand guard at the entrance to a barracks camp.

Territorials on guard

A lone guard stands beside his post.

Guard duty

A Colonial soldier gets his haircut by the unit barber.


Another soldier getting a haircut.


Camouflaged aireplane hangars.


An improvised observatory in a set of ruins, Somme, 1916.


A field kitchen, 1915.

Field kitchen

A Colonial soldier stands as lookout, Woods of Hirtzbach (Haut-Rhin), June 16, 1917.


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